Welcome Book Bergzeit2023-08-28T11:57:17+02:00

Hallo liebe Gäste,
herzlich Willkommen in Winterberg!

Fühlt Euch wie zu Hause und melde Dich jederzeit gerne bei Fragen.

Wir möchten allen Gästen den gleichen Standard einer gut gereinigten Wohnung bieten. Daher haben wir einen professionellen Reinigungsservice beauftragt, die Endreinigung der Ferienwohnung für uns zu übernehmen. Solltest Du dennoch einmal Beanstandungen haben, sag uns bitte Bescheid!

Bei Fragen: WhatsApp: +49 171 3526951

Restaurants nearby2023-08-28T11:53:28+02:00
Goodbye – Departure Apartment Bergzeit2023-08-28T21:48:50+02:00

We hope you have a wonderful stay with us!

If you enjoyed it, we would be happy to receive a Google rating.

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Many greetings

Your hosts Silke and Frank


EDEKA-Center Löffler
Neue Mitte 4
59955 Winterberg

REWE Supermarkt
Poststr. 6
59955 Winterberg

Rewe pick-up service
The shopping for your holiday is done quickly.
Here (https://www.rewe.de/marktseite/winterberg/9067616/rewe-dortmund-poststr-6/) you can order your shopping to be collected from REWE in Winterberg, Poststraße.
It’s very simple:
You put the items you want in your shopping basket, log in, or if you’re not registered yet, the service fee of €2 is waived for the first pick-up.
You can then simply pick up your purchase during regular opening hours. Go into the store and you will find the pick-up counter on the left.Rewe Abholservice Winterberg

Neue Mitte 3
59955 Winterberg

Im Mühlengrund 1
59955 Winterberg

DM Drogerie
Neue Mitte 4
(In the shopping center “Untere Pforte”)
59955 Winterberg

“HEUTE FÜR MORGEN PFLANZEN” – Think about tomorrow today2023-08-28T22:20:01+02:00

For every booking we plant a tree.

With your booking of the holiday flat, you are also helping to keep Winterberg and the region the green heart of the Sauerland and making an important contribution to climate protection!

We will be happy to issue you with a certificate for the tree planted for your booking. If you would like a certificate, please send us a WhatsApp (+49 171 3526951) with the e-mail address to which we should send the certificates.

Here you can find more information about the campaign.

Alexa Amazon2023-08-29T08:00:51+02:00

Alexa in Winterberg

We have an Alexa in the flat, if you do not want to use it, please unplug it. If you do use it, we would like to point out that the searches are stored by Amazon.

Quiet Hours2023-08-29T08:03:42+02:00

13 – 15 hrs Midday silence

22 – 07 hrs Night silence

On Sundays and public holidays, please pay special attention to the resting needs of the other residents.

E-charging points2023-08-29T08:06:47+02:00
– Tourist Information, Am Kurpark 4, 59955 Winterberg
– Bürgerbahnhof Winterberg, Bahnhofstraße 12, 59955 Winterberg
Car Park, Am Waltenberg 18, 59955 Winterberg
– Mc Donalds, Am Hagenblech 58, 59955 Winterberg (EWE Go)
E-Ladestation Mc Donalds Winterberg
Lost Property Office Winterberg2023-08-29T08:12:47+02:00

Have you lost something?

Your lost or stolen items may have been handed in at the lost property office.

Lost property is kept for six months and can be collected by the owner upon presentation of a photo ID and after a thorough check.

Please note that you may have to pay a storage fee upon collection!

If the owner of the lost property has not contacted you after the storage period has expired, the lost property may become the property of the finder (finder’s property). The finder may also have to pay a storage fee for the lost property.


The amount of the fee depends on the value of the object:

up to € 25.00 = free of charge
in value from € 26.00 to € 150.00 = € 10.00
in the value of € 151.00 to € 500.00 = € 15.00 in the value over € 500.00 = € 20.00
each additional € 500.00 or part thereof = € 20.00

City of Winterberg
Citizen Service
Bahnhofstraße 12
59955 Winterberg
Telephone: 02981 800-222
E-mail: buergerservice@winterberg.de

Check-In time flat Bergzeit2023-08-29T08:37:17+02:00

Check-in is possible from 4 pm.

You must collect the house and flat key from the key box on arrival at TheGoodFlats in Winterberg, Hauptstraße 13. We will give you a code before your arrival, you can pick up the key at any time from 3:30 pm.

Intercom – Door opener2023-08-29T14:11:53+02:00

The photo shows the functions of the individual buttons:

Anleitung Gegensprechanlage

parking space apartment Bergzeit2023-08-29T14:16:40+02:00

Dein Winterberg Parkplatz

The private car park “Apartment Bergzeit” is located to the left of the building.

Just drive to the end of the street and you will see the car park directly to the left of the second entrance to the underground car park.

the key2023-08-31T09:42:28+02:00


You can use the key to open the front door, flat door, pet garage door and the rubbish room.


Fichtenweg 54, 59955 Winterberg, Deutschland


The public wifi “SportsTower” is freely accessible.

Virus protection and firewalls are not in place. The data can therefore be viewed by third parties under certain circumstances and there is a risk that malware (e.g. viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.) can get onto your end device when using the WLAN. The use of the WLAN is therefore at your own risk.

Folding and unfolding sofa bed2023-08-31T09:55:24+02:00
Sauerland SommerCard2023-08-31T10:43:36+02:00

Experience a new adventure every day!

You received the Sauerland SommerCard by e-mail (spa card for Winterberg). The spa tax of € 2.50 was already included in the booking price.
(If you did not receive the card, please contact us via WhatsApp +491713526951).

The Sauerland SommerCard includes 60 top experiences. From the summer toboggan run to the climbing forest, biathlon shooting, swimming pool, bowling alley, museums and more, we promise you that there is the right activity for everyone.

Here you can find all the offers.

“The visitor’s tax ensures an attractive quality of stay in the Ferienwelt Winterberg and benefits the guests directly. Because with this money, a large part of the tourist infrastructure is not only newly created, but also continuously maintained.” Winfried Borgmann, Managing Director and Economic Development Manager of Winterberg Touristik und Wirtschaft GmbH

For the sake of the environment: You’ll definitely love our spa and guest card (the Sauerland SommerCard): It offers you free bus and train travel to many excursion and hiking destinations in Hochsauerland.

Important phone numbers2023-08-31T10:54:24+02:00

Emergency call fire and rescue service: 112

police: 110

Emergency medical service: 116117

Pharmacies emergency service: www.akwl.de

Dental emergency service: 0291/7676 –  www.zahnarzt-notdienst.de

St.Franziskus Hospital Winterberg
Franzikusstr. 2-4
59955 Winterberg
Telefon: 02981/8020

Poisoning Centre: bei Kindern: 030/19240

arest paediatrician:
Dr. med Uta Hildebrand
Oberste. 8
59964 Medebach
Telefon: 02982/1660


If something gets broken, that’s no problem at all. Please just let us know so we can fix it up for the next guests. Thank you very much :-)


You can control the heating on the wall thermostat in the kitchen and bathroom. When you leave the flat, it would be great if you could turn down the temperature.

Homematic Thermostat

Turn the round knob to the left = colder
Turn the round knob to the right = warmer

TV operation2023-08-31T12:07:42+02:00

Our TV offers many streaming services, you can enter your own login data. But please delete the login data before you leave. Please do not connect the TV to your Google account!

washing machine and dryer2023-08-31T12:10:48+02:00

A washing machine and dryer are located in the communal basement.

The way is as follows:

Go up the few steps in the entrance hall, turn left and immediately left again into the staircase. You have to go all the way down to the basement (the rubbish room is halfway down). When you get to the bottom, turn left into the cellar corridor, and the first door on the left again says “Laundry” on the door. If you go straight ahead, you will come to the underground car park with its bicycle parking spaces.

Here is a small digital signpost:

Washing machine and dryer work with washing coins. These are in the flat if needed. There is a small drawer under the brochure rack.


Washing machine: 3 €

Dryer 1 €

Waschmaschine und Trockner

If you don’t have detergent, it is also in the small drawer.

Please send us the corresponding amount via Paypal for the coins you have taken out.

Thank you for your honesty!

P.S.: Please inform us if there are not enough coins left.

ski storage2023-09-02T23:57:12+02:00

You can lock your skis in the entrance area in locker “2B”. The small key on the key board in the hallway is for the padlock.

SkiStänder 2b Schlüssel Ski

*** We accept no liability for the skis ***

Bicycle parking in the underground garage2023-09-03T00:01:01+02:00

If you want to connect your bike in the garage, you can get to the right level through the right garage door. When you enter, on the far right, you will find the bicycle lock-up facilities. If there is no free space, you are welcome to park your bike in front of our parked bike. It is the blue CUBE mountain bike.


From the underground car park you can go directly to the appartment. Go through the door next to the bicycle parking spaces, then through a second door, straight ahead towards the lift. Before that, turn right into the stairwell. Go up one floor and then turn right and you will be back in the entrance area of the Sportstower.

Here is a little guide:

Ski rentals near by2023-09-03T00:17:49+02:00
weekly markets2023-09-03T00:21:14+02:00

Weekly market in Winterberg, market place: Samstags 9 – 14 Uhr

Wochenmarkt Winterberg

more weekly markets nearby:
Brilon, market place : Mittwoch und Samstag 7 – 13 Uhr
Medebach, markt place: Mittwoch 9 – 17 Uhr

Bike rentals near by2023-09-03T00:25:16+02:00
  • Bike Klante, there are 2 rental locations:
    -Bike rental station at Herrloh, Waltenberg 67a, 59955 Winterberg.
    -Bike station and service centre Schneewittchenhaus, Waltenberg 119, 59955 Winterberg
Sledging possibilities2023-09-03T00:27:54+02:00

Sledding fans also get their money’s worth in Winterberg. For example, you can walk to toboggan lift no. 16 (Käppchen conveyor belt) at the Kappe.

Cross country skiing2023-09-03T00:32:11+02:00

There are approx. 500 km of cross-country ski trails in the Sauerland winter sports arena. You can view the cross-country skiing areas and snow depths here. anschauen.

There are 3 cross-country ski trails directly in Winterberg:
Bremberg Loipe

Ski schools near by2023-09-03T00:34:27+02:00
bus stop Poppenberg2023-09-06T12:51:50+02:00

The bus stop “Poppenberg” is approx. 200 m from Apartment Bergzeit.

You can find timetables  here.

Bushaltestelle Poppenberg

Bank ATMs2023-09-06T12:53:39+02:00

Sparkasse Hochsauerland
Am Waltenberg 23 0,2 km
59955 Winterberg

Volksbank Bigge-Lenne eG
Untere Pforte 9 0,1 km
59955 Winterberg

Euronet – ATMATM Geldautomat Kapperundweg Winterberg
Kapperundweg 1
59955 Winterberg

cinema Winterberg2023-09-06T12:57:03+02:00

Here you will find the current cinema programme.

Filmtheater Winterberg
Nuhnestraße 13
59955 Winterberg
Telefon: 02981 – 73 85
E-Mail: info@filmtheater-winterberg.de

German Post2023-09-06T12:58:54+02:00

Deutsche Post Filiale 585
Hofladen Sauerland
Hagenstraße 4
59955 Winterberg

The post office is in the town centre in Winterberg.

DHL Packstation 255
(Vor dem REWE Getränkemarkt)
Poststraße 4
59955 Winterberg

DHL Packstation 256
(Vor dem Aldi)
Neue Mitte 3
59955 Winterberg

The nearest mailbox is Schneilstraße 11, 59955 Winterberg.

your hosts2023-09-06T13:13:05+02:00

We are Silke and Frank Basler

We like to travel in our free time and learned to know and love Winterberg in the last few years.

We like to be in nature, but we also like to go out for a meal and a stroll.

We have found all this in Winterberg.

We hope you like Winterberg as much as we do.

We look forward to welcoming you in our flat Bergzeit and holiday flat Bergpanorama.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

WhatsApp: +491713526951


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