Have you lost something?

Your lost or stolen items may have been handed in at the lost property office.

Lost property is kept for six months and can be collected by the owner upon presentation of a photo ID and after a thorough check.

Please note that you may have to pay a storage fee upon collection!

If the owner of the lost property has not contacted you after the storage period has expired, the lost property may become the property of the finder (finder’s property). The finder may also have to pay a storage fee for the lost property.


The amount of the fee depends on the value of the object:

up to € 25.00 = free of charge
in value from € 26.00 to € 150.00 = € 10.00
in the value of € 151.00 to € 500.00 = € 15.00 in the value over € 500.00 = € 20.00
each additional € 500.00 or part thereof = € 20.00

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