Hochsauerland Alpakas

Hochsauerland Alpakas

Where the dung heaps smoke, there are no palm trees… but alpacas!

Sauerland… Hochsauerland… Winterberg… Züschen… this is where the Hochsauerland alpacas are at home!

It is a small family business that offers experiences with alpacas in a private atmosphere. The welfare of the animals is very important to the family. They emphasise respectful and friendly interaction with both humans and animals.

The programmes are designed to offer everyone an unforgettable break in nature and a chance to slow down from everyday life!

Among other things, alpaca hikes and alpaca photo shoots are offered.

The Hochsauerland is known for its picturesque landscape with mountains, forests and meadows.

Alpacas are gentle animals that originally come from South America. They are known for their soft wool, which is made into many products, including blankets, clothing and toys. Alpacas are also very popular as pets because they are calm, intelligent and responsive.

Alpacas are not only of interest to tourists and breeders. Agriculture and the economy in Hochsauerland also benefit from these animals. The alpaca wool is a high-quality raw material that is processed and sold locally.

Overall, alpacas are an integral part of the landscape and culture in Hochsauerland. They not only offer tourists a special experience, but also contribute to the development of the region. The next time you are in Winterberg

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