Dear guests,
with a lot of diligence, effort and attention to detail we have furnished the apartment Bergzeit.
We want to keep the quality of our offer permanently high and attach great importance to the fact that all guests feel comfortable.
Therefore, we ask you to treat the apartment with the same respect as you would your own home.
You contribute significantly to the fact that we can offer you and other guests a great home for a long time.

Please do not consider our house rules as instructions, but as a guideline for a harmonious coexistence. If something is unclear or you miss something, please contact us. This way misunderstandings can be avoided from the beginning. Please make sure that your fellow travelers also know and observe the house rules. As much as sunshine tempts, the interior furniture should remain in the house and not be carried or moved to the terrace. In order to avoid damage, we ask you to refrain from moving furnishings. Nothing may be placed or stored in the common rooms. In particular, skis, ski boots, sleds and scooters may not be stored here. Bicycles may not be brought into the house, please use the lock-up facility in the underground garage.

Don’t worry: We won’t charge you for every broken glass or broken plate. Because we know: Nobody damages things on purpose, but something can get broken in the heat of the moment. We ask you to inform us about small mishaps promptly. This gives us the opportunity to quickly provide replacements.

Security and duty of care
The apartment door should always be closed and locked with a key when leaving the apartment. Also, please do not forget to close the windows when leaving the apartment to prevent burglary and storm damage. Make sure that burning candles are never left unattended and always out of reach of small children.

Environmental protection
Sustainability and environmental protection play a major role for us. Therefore, we ask you to use water and electricity sparingly. Make sure to turn off the lights and all electronic devices when you leave the apartment. The heating goes up quickly, please turn it down when you are away.

Since a dirty kitchen doesn’t bring a smile to anyone’s face, please put dishes, pots and cutlery back in the kitchen cupboards only cleaned and dried. Hot pots and other items should only be placed on the tables or countertop with coasters to prevent burn marks. A cutting board as a base prevents unsightly scratches when chopping vegetables, fruit, etc. Unsightly residue and crusts in the oven should be removed.

Do not throw or pour hygiene products, garbage, food scraps, harmful liquids, grease, or the like into the shower, sink, kitchen sink, and toilet, as this can cause unpleasant clogs. These items belong in the designated trash receptacle.

The apartment must be sufficiently ventilated even during the cold season. By ventilating for as short a time as possible, but sufficiently (approx. 5-10 minutes, several times a day), you can reduce mold growth and make a significant contribution to infection control.

Should a mishap occur (stubborn dirt, liquids on the floor or work surfaces, etc.), we ask you to clean it up immediately. We ask you to leave the apartment broom-clean at departure and to put all used dishes back into the cupboards. Please avoid make-up stains on towels and bed linen, which are difficult to remove, right from the beginning.

Quiet hours
We like our neighbors and they like us. Help us keep it that way. Please respect the community and keep the quiet hours of 1-3pm and 8-8pm.

Party/Overnight Guests
We are not suitable as a party or event location. Persons not indicated are not allowed to stay overnight in the accommodation.

The use of the free W-Lan is free of charge, but at your own risk.

Smoking is not allowed in the house. However, you can smoke on the terrace. Please dispose of all cigarette butts.

Bringing pets is not allowed, because we rent our accommodation also to allergy sufferers.

Please never give the keys out of your hand. Please inform us immediately if keys are lost. Please understand that we have to charge replacement costs of 80 €.

The landlord is not liable for valuables of the guest(s).


Arrival and departure
Please do not check in before 4pm on the day of arrival and leave the apartment by 10am on the day of departure. This will give us enough time to make sure that every guest will find a clean accommodation to enjoy.

Thank you in advance for being super guests and appreciating a harmonious coexistence!

We wish you a wonderful stay!